Das da Krazy Kine

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5 Responses to Das da Krazy Kine

  1. Steve says:

    When she starts the kicking, that’s when things get really real

  2. Doug Nakatomi says:

    Dudddeee. That is one angry cougar! How old is the kid she’s gettin’ into it with, 14? 15? Her star did not shine for me that day.

  3. admin says:

    I love this video. She was so nice after they let her go back to her seat.

  4. Jon Zobrist says:

    She is not happy! My favorite part was when she snuck past the guy that was moving her back cuz he looked away for half a second. Not exciting she’s attacking a child. Sports!

  5. Steve says:

    The youngsters were nice not to fight back or this wouldn’t have been a video about the crazy lady, it would have been about them. Nice Job fellas.

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